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Make your next event AWESOME! Offering 4 Photo Booth Options - Enclosed Booths, Open Style, Interactive Mirror and a Vintage VW Bus with a Photo Booth inside.

Our modern day computerized digital photo booths utilizes professional high resolution DSLR cameras for superior quality images, Touch Screen interface, and a professional dye-sublimation printer to produce TWO strips of 2x6 or ONE 4x6 photo  in either color or black and white -  Your guests will select their color preference via Touch Screen!

We provide an on-site attendant to help ensure that your guests maximize the photo booth experience. Our professional and courteous photo booth attendant engage your guests to provide a fun interactive experience .

You can choose to have your photos uploaded to social media in real=time via a social media station or we an create on online album shortly after your event.  Add an assortment of fun props or a guest scrapbook to enhance the photo booth experience.  At the end of your event, you will receive a Flash drive of all photo taken in the booth. It will include all photo strips as well as each individual photo. Perfect for: Wedding Receptions Anniversary Parties Sweet 16 Corporate Events Graduations School Dances Birthday Parties Holiday Parties Bar or Bat Mitzvahs And more!

What Style of Photo Booth Should I Get for My Event?

What you should know before renting a Photo Booth.

Photo Booths have become the must-have addition to any type of event from weddings, sweet sixteens to corporate parties. More and more people are looking to incorporate a photo booth at their events because it is fun and exciting. A photo booth adds a new layer of entertainment for your guests and it gives them something that they can take home with them to  remember what a great time they had. However, not all photo booths are created equal and choosing one that doesn’t meets you needs can diminish the experience. Here is some information that will help you understand these differences and guide you through you selections process.

There are several different styles available when it comes to photo booths. Arcade style, Open Air, Pipe and Drape and a few variations that I wouldn’t necessarily clarify as a booth.  An Arcade style booth is exactly that – the style you would find at an arcade or boardwalk or mall. Big, stationary box like structure that is designed to fit one or 2 people. These need to be moved with vans or trailers and can be problematic if your venue is not on the ground level  – you don’t want to be charged for “moving” the booth or find out that it can’t be placed into the venue because of it size.

An Open Air Style does not have a booth.  The camera and printer can be set up in a what is called a tower (a tall structure that houses all of the components) or it can be set up like a photo shoot with the camera on a tripod and umbrella lights. It can be operated by your guests or a an attendant will snap the photos for you. It will use a background that can be anything from a professional portrait backdrop to a solid wall at the venue. The advantages of an open air booth is that you can fit a lot of people in the photo at one time.

Pipe and drape style use drapes/curtains to form the boundaries of a booth or soft walls and have the components set up similar to an open air booth. The camera, flash and printer are in a tower or on a tripod. The benefits of a pipe and drape is that you can fit more people that an arcade style and still maintain the booth like appearance and your guests can close the curtain for privacy –that’s where the fun stuff happens – when no one is looking.

The style of the booth is a matter of preference. All comp anies will tell you why their model is better than the other but personally I don’t think that that should be the main concern. Think about what is important? High resolution pictures that are crystal clear, in focus and flattering? How quickly does the photo print?  Will the photos be printed on a professional photo printer or home office ink-jet? The quality of the printed photo? Do you want your guests to be able to go online and print the individual photo themselves after the event? Having photo loaded to social media?  These are the option that differentiate photo booths.  First decide what is important to you and that will help you locate the photo booth that is best for you.

What’s included?  Don’t be afraid to ask what is included in any quote you receive. How long is the rental period? Do you have to pay extra for options such as props or a scrapbook, or customizations? Is there a setup and break-down fee? You would be disappoint to find out at the event that something you wanted was not included.

Finally, does the photo booth and the attendant look professional?  The photo booth will be at your event and you and your guests will see, use and remember the photo booth for years to come. You want to be sure that the overall experience is pleasant and memorable.

Sometimes trying to make a decision is overwhelming when you don’t know what you should be asking/looking for. We at  hope this article help alleviate some of that anxiety.
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